The team at Active Fitness Club Stevenage

Active Fitness Club have a great fitness team with some of the best and motivated trainers in Stevenage.

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, postural improvement, nutritional advice, training for a sport or event, there will be a fitness trainer who can help you achieve your goal.

Our trainers are regularly sent on workshops, seminars, and conventions to further their training knowledge and help bring you the results you want.


Club Owner

“I am the Managing Director and one of the owners, so the burden of responsibility is resting heavily on my shoulders. I also take classes such as indoor cycling and especially enjoy circuit based classes.”


Gym Owner

“For this business to work, everyone is has to pull their weight, whether it be cleaning the changing rooms, teaching a class or looking a future plans for the club. As one of the owners, I feel it’s important to be prepared to do everything I expect my colleagues to do.”


Fitness Instructor

“I have been working at Active Fitness Club since January 2015. I currently teach Tribe and just qualified as a P90X instructor.”


Operations Manager

“At Active Fitness Club I oversee the general day-to-day management of the club. I spend my time focusing on staff management, membership queries, product suppliers and gym members.”


Personal Trainer

“I teach a variety of studio based exercise classes, Step, Aerobics, Pilates and Circuits. I also help co-ordinate the studio programme and assist with the day to day running of the club, whether that is sweeping the floor, answering the phone or advising members. Part of my Personal Training business is also run from the club.”


Fitness Instructor | Marketing

“At Active Fitness Club I teach a variety of classes including kettlebells and boxing. I also manage the website and marketting for the club.”


Fitness Instructor

“At Active Fitness Club I teach a range of classes including HIIT Box, Ignite, Sculpt and Circuits. I have a real passion for boxing and all aspects of fitness.”


Fitness Instructor

“At Active Fitnes Club I teach a range of classes including HIIT Box, Pump & Toned, Spinning and Circuits. I try and make my classes as enjoyable as possible whilst helping you achieve results.”

Phone: 01438 358 071